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The Bond Store Sustainabilty Policy


The Bond Store Sustainability Policy.

Latest update: 10/10/23. Author: Ruby Barber-Kay

The Bond Store knows that sustainability must be one of our top priorities when making important decisions for now and the future.

From the very start in 2018 when The Bond Store was started, the climate has been a key factor in every decision we make at The Bond Store. We know that we must keep the increase in global average temperature to below 1.5˚C above pre-industrial levels. To do this we focus on doing everything we can to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our current numbers

The Bond Store produced 8.43 tons of carbon dioxide in the last financial year. We aim to reduce this number significantly each year until 2025.

The Bond Store commits to be carbon-neutral and waste-free by the end of 2025 because we know that we must do this to ensure a better future for the next generation.

Where do our emissions come from

Key- Y axis - % of our total carbon footprint. X-axis - categories of carbon usage

Our progress and our goals for the future

Our progress

  • We use a waste product (whey) for all our alcohol.
  • We use plastic crates for bottles rather than cardboard. These are used for everything from transporting bottles to storing to collecting and delivering bottles.
  • Our bottle swap initiative has saved 1,256 bottles and their labels in the past year ending July 2023.
  • The vast majority of the cardboard we do use is reused to use for packaging or ground cover when planting trees.
  • Almost all of our waste such as paper from labels and parcels is reused to pack items for shipping etc. This saves them from going to landfills and saves on getting new packing material.
  • We have planted 185 native trees in the Wairarapa in June 2023.
  • We always try and buy our tanks used rather than brand new to make sure they do not end up being discarded.

Our goals

We also have many goals for the future of our business including:

  • From all alcohol stills, we will start to re-use 100% of the water used in stills.
  • We wish to either equal or increase the number of native trees we plant each year.
  • We will continue to use a fuel-efficient vehicle for transport.
  • We will reduce our waste to 10 kgs per year into the landfill.


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